Making a Will is an extremely important task but one that many people put off. If you do not have a Will it is possible that your affairs may be finalised and your assets distributed in a way that you don’t want, causing unnecessary issues for those left behind.

At Steele+Co we understand the importance of planning properly for your family and loved ones’ futures and will take a personalised approach that is specific to your circumstances. We take the time to assess your current situation, understand your intentions, and explain in plain language the different outcomes to be considered. We work with you each step of the way to ensure that your needs are met and that your assets are appropriately protected against claims or disputes.

Our expertise in estate planning ensures everything is discussed and considered when drafting legal documents to protect your wealth. We provide a tailored, personalised and sincere approach to the long term provision of loved ones.


Talk to one of our experienced team about how we can assist you in leaving your legacy the way you want to.

We have assisted clients in wills and estate planning in Bathurst, throughout Central West NSW and beyond.

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