Contesting a Will is a difficult choice, and often occurs at a very stressful time. There could be a number of reasons why a Will may be in dispute, such as:

  • you (or a loved one) were left out of the Will;
  • you were unfairly or inadequately provided for;
  • the administrators/executors of the Will were negligent;
  • the Will was invalid; or
  • no Will was made.

Steele+Co can help you understand your eligibility and the procedures for contesting a Will. We explain the processes and ensure you understand the provisions of a Will, before making a challenge.

To increase your chance of successfully contesting a Will, we work with you to fully understand and plan a case. We will assess the strength of your case and advise you about your prospects of success.

Likewise, we can provide expert advice to those needing to defend a contested Will.

Should you find yourself left out of a Will or concerned about the distribution of assets in an estate, contact us for our help through this difficult time.

Similarly, if you are an executor or an administrator, we can provide expert advice about defending an estate from a challenge.

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