At Steele+Co, we understand how difficult it can be after the death of a loved one or somebody close to you.

We can provide advice regarding your loved one's legacy, ensuring a genuine and personalised service.

At Steele+Co we can guide you through making an application for probate if you have been appointed as an executor under a Will or administration for the estate of your next of kin if there is no Will.

We can also advise you about administering the estate after you obtain the grant of probate or letters of administration. Or you may wish to appoint us as estate managers, and we will ensure estate assets are distributed in accordance with the Will, while complying with all legal requirements.

Our experienced team can answer any initial questions executors or others may have regarding:

  • decisions as to the funeral and who pays;
  • where to start with the deceased’s assets;
  • whether a grant of Probate will be necessary (or whether this can be avoided);
  • what to do if there is no Will or it can’t be found;
  • whether a tax return for the deceased is required; or
  • finding and locating assets.

We provide advice on probate & estate management in Bathurst, throughout Central West NSW and beyond.

Contact us to discuss whether we may assist you, either in administering all the estate or helping the executors navigate through particular difficulties.


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