When a relationship breaks down, disputes about where a child will live, or when they will spend time with the non-resident parent, can be difficult and highly emotive. We understand the importance of a child-focused approach with parenting matters and encourage consent orders to ensure the best welfare for all concerned.

Steele+Co can help with the options of where and with whom your child will live and spend their time. We work with you to determine a plan that works for your children and your family as a whole.

We support and encourage couples to decide on custody provisions in agreement, including:

  • living arrangements;
  • financial support; and
  • relationships with broader family members.

Issues relating to all children fall under the Family Law Act 1975 (Commonwealth). They are dealt with through the Family Court, the Federal Circuit Court or the Local Court. These courts cover issues relating to child custody laws, residence of children and ongoing financial support of children.

We have assisted clients in Children's matters in Bathurst, throughout Central West NSW and beyond.

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