Following a relationship breakdown, one party may end up not being able to support themselves financially. Spousal maintenance is the provision of ongoing financial support to a former partner.

Under the Family Law Act, both spouses have a duty to support and maintain each other, even after you have separated or divorced. Spousal maintenance is not automatic, and often is considered as part of an overall  settlement of financial matters.

The extent of the support depends on a range of considerations, including:

  • your income, property, financial resources and debts;
  • your age and health (which determines future requirements);
  • your ability to earn, and whether this has been affected by the marriage;
  • what is considered to be a suitable standard of living; and
  • whether the children live with you or your former spouse.

Steele+Co offer guidance to both applicants and respondents in the area of spousal maintenance so you can be fully aware of your rights and obligations, and we work toward reaching an agreement outside of court.

We have successfully worked with clients in Bathurst and throughout the Central West, in the areas of spousal maintenance.

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