At Steele+Co we understand the stress that partner separation can cause. Our focus is on a timely, cost effective resolution to your matter, aimed at avoiding litigation.

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Our team handle property and financial matters for married or de facto couples, and we aim for commitment from all parties with a respectful and cost effective approach.

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When a relationship breaks down, disputes about where a child will live, or when they will spend time with the non-resident parent, can be difficult and highly emotive. We understand the importance of a child-focused approach with parenting matters and encourage consent orders to ensure the best welfare for all concerned.

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Child support allows for the ongoing financial care of children following the end of the parents’ relationship. It recognises the costs and responsibilities of raising children, and is managed through a child support agreement or agency assessment.

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Following a relationship breakdown, one party may end up not being able to support themselves financially. Spousal maintenance is the provision of ongoing financial support to a former partner.

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A divorce allows for the legal dissolution of a marriage. Divorce applications involve certain timeframes and obligations under Family Law.

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